Changes (Maybe)

I'm thinking of locking this blog away so it can be read by invitation only. That way, I can be a bit more frank about some things. (Or so the world at large can't notice that I don't post very often.) Thoughts? Anyone? Bueller?

Not a dipthong

I'm particularly fond of words with an "-ish" suffix. They always seem a little less than real and serious to me. aguish, a.1. Of the nature or character of an ague.2. Having a tendency to produce ague.3. Subject to ague.4. fig. Resembling an ague, in shakiness or intermittency;    a. quaking, shivering, shaky;    b. coming by … Continue reading Not a dipthong

Madame Tussaud, please call your office

Another interesting etymology. This word comes from the Greek for leading or guiding.agogic, a.1. Of or pertaining to modelling in wax.2. Mus. [G. agogik (Riemann 1884).] Applied to a kind of accent consisting in a lengthening of the time-value of the note. Also agogical a. So agogics, the use of agogic accents.