Preliminary year end book thoughts.

Yeah. I guess that title is accurate. I managed 21 books in November, but that still leaves me 27 shy of last year’s total, and that’s also the total I read in October last year, the month in which I finished more books than any other. I did read 20 books last December, but none of them were Modern Times or A History of the American People, both of which I intend to read in the near future. (We’ll see if I can finish both this month.) I don’t think I’m going to beat 178 this year. (Not coincidentally, this is the third consecutive year in which I’ve had fewer blog posts than the year previous on this blog. Though, now that I consider it, between this blog and my other blog, I’m close to a total of 300 posts.)

I have finished a couple books that I hadn’t read before, and I’ll post my thoughts on those next.

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