It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Christmas somewhere else, I mean. It’s still snowing very lightly, and there is about an inch or two covering most everything outside. Odd for snow to fall in such quantities here, certainly this early in the season. I’ll take it and enjoy it, though I’m sure it will be gone by tomorrow morning.

My sister-in-law is visiting (one of them, I have a bunch) and my daughters are thrilled to death to have their aunt here. She won’t be here through Christmas, but it’s nice to have her visit for a time since she hadn’t had a chance to meet my youngest daughter yet.

Speaking of Christmas, most of the Christmas gifts are already taken care of (thanks to my lovely wife, in large part), and I’m not feeling quite so rushed about such things this year. I hope your preparation for Christmas is proceeding apace as well.

Listening to: Roberto Alagna – Il Est Ne, Le Divin Enfant
via FoxyTunes

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