Under attack

A verb from which a more well-known noun is derived.aggress, v.1. intr. To approach, march forward. Obs. Hence aggressed ppl. a.; also as n.2. intr. To make an attack; to set upon; ‘to commit the first act of violence; to begin the quarrel.’ J. Const. on. Also transf. (esp. in Psychol. contexts) and const. against. … Continue reading Under attack

Love the commentary

Not just a definition, but an opinion to go with it.agglutinize, v.rare.An unnecessary by-form of AGGLUTINATE.----------------Listening to: Donizetti, Callas, Di Stefano, Gobbi, Arie - Lucia di Lammermoor - Il dolce suono...Ardon gli incensivia FoxyTunes

Roid Rage

So, the Mitchell Report is out and it names a lot of names, apparently. (I haven't read the report myself yet.) One of those named isn't taking this lying down, however. Roger Clemens is pushing back and claiming that this is an egregious assault on his character and that he's never taken any illegal substances … Continue reading Roid Rage

It really happens

Though, had it not happened to someone with whom I am personally acquainted, I would have been sceptical. I doubt it a very common malady.ageustiaMed.Loss of the sense of taste.----------------Listening to: Musica Antiqua Köln - Reinhard Goebel - JS Bach, 6 Brandenburg Concertos BVW1046-1051 Disc 1 - 10 - Concerto 4 Allegrovia FoxyTunes


Excuse the pun, please.agee, adv.Sc. and dial.Aside, on or to one side; awry; off from the straight line.----------------Listening to: Ilaria Graziano - where does ocean go?via FoxyTunes