I can see the connection to crossing rivers.

I hadn’t thought of the words deriving from the sense of “forward”, but it makes sense now that I’ve been told.

afford, v.

orig. To further, promote; hence achieve, manage to do, manage to give, have the power to give, give what is in one’s power, supply, yield.

1. To forward or advance to or towards completion: hence, to perform, execute, accomplish, fulfil. Obs.

2. To carry out, accomplish, achieve, manage (something planned or desired). With may (= can). Obs.

3. With inf. or subord. clause. To manage (to do anything); with can: To have the means, be able or rich enough; to bear the expense.

4. With simple obj. a. To manage to give, to spare.

b. To manage to sell (at such a price). Obs.

c. To manage to procure or maintain, etc.; to spare the price of, bear the expense of.

5. Without can: To give of what one has, to furnish, bestow, grant, yield. (Often with to.)

6. Of things: To be capable of yielding, to have for one who asks or seeks.

7. To supply or furnish from its own resources, to yield naturally.

b. In this sense rarely of persons.

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