Poppies, poppies…er, wait.

Flowers, anyway. For all the gardening I was contracted to do for my neighbors when I was in high school, you’d think I’d have picked up a bit more botanical knowledge. I had never heard of this flower and I’m still not clear on whether it the same or different from what I know as a “daffodil”.



1. Name of a liliaceous genus of plants, Asphodel, or King’s Spear (Asphodelus, incl. Anthericum), natives of the south of Europe, and grown as garden flowers and medicinal herbs.
(In this sense Daffodill, and Daffadilly, are mentioned as variant forms of Affodil as early as 1538 and as late as 1611.)

2. Applied, by confusion, to a species of Narcissus. In this sense the variant DAFFODIL (q.v.) became almost from the first the accepted form; so that eventually Affodill was confined to Asphodelus, and Daffodil to Narcissus.

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