Good boy!

Are there such dogs any longer? This isn’t the only time I’ve run across a dog breed that I had never heard of before, and I’ve wondered if efforts are made to keep such breeds in existence even when they (obviously) aren’t as popular as they might once have been. It also seems to me that fewer people own dogs than did, say, 100 years ago. Is that really true? Or do more people in total own dogs while a smaller percentage of the population owns dogs? I’ve also included the first quotation so you can know one of these canines when you see one.


A small breed of dog, related to the Brussels griffon.

1903 W. D. DRURY Brit. Dogs (ed. 3) lxii. 629 The Affenpinscher is an alert, intelligent little dog of some 7 lb. to 8 lb. in weight. It has a round skull well covered with stiff hair… The colour is different shades of red, as well as grey and yellowish: while there is often a black mask.

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