The Perfect Cereal

What are the three problems of cereals? First, a repellent taste, whether too sweet or however. Second, it corrupts your milk, turning it an unpleasant color, making it a thick sludge because of particulates, and altering the taste beyond recognition. Third, the cereal itself becomes so soggy it transforms from a pleasant collection of crunchy … Continue reading The Perfect Cereal

New Poll!

Tell me what you think of the Patriots. I've enabled the multiple answers option, so if you have mixed feelings you can choose all the choices between which you've been wavering.----------------Now playing: Ton Koopman - Ton Koopman - 02 - Affettuoso - 1050 - 2via FoxyTunes

Two for one!

First the word that caught my eye. It just looks and sounds interesting to me, and the meaning was unexpected as well. And that's what the second word is for, to make the first a little more explicable.affeerorHe that affeers.affeer, v.1. To fix or settle the amount of an amercement, to assess; to reduce to … Continue reading Two for one!