Could you use it in a sentence please?

It's just because it's a big, ugly-looking, spelling-bee word. Cool? Cool.ægithognathous, a.Zool.Having the formation of palate characteristic of the family Ægithognathæ (perching birds, woodpeckers, swifts): see quot. 1894. Hence ægi{sm}thognathism, the condition of being ægithognathous.1894 R. B. SHARPE Handbk. Birds Gt. Brit. I. 1 The palate is said to be ‘ægithognathous’, or ‘Passerine’, when the … Continue reading Could you use it in a sentence please?


"You may ask, 'How did this tradition get started?' I'll tell you! [pause] I don't know. But it's a tradition." This post isn't entirely an excuse to quote from Fiddler on the Roof. I also have long been fascinated with this, well, letter, for lack of a better term. As a child, I would often … Continue reading Tradition!