"Twentieth century? Why, I could pick a century out of a hat, blindfolded, and come up with a better one."

One can find nuggets of wisdom in the oddest places, truly.

I’ve been thinking lately about trying to have that quotation from Russell Kirk up there at the top of the page translated into Latin. It just kind of seems like a saying one would hear quoted in Latin to me. As cool as it would be to do it myself, I know I couldn’t do it and get all the tenses and things correct. Not even close, I’m sure.

The M’s are officially done this year. Talk about a nose-dive. They were a single game out of first place on August 25. They then proceeded to lose 9 in a row and 15 of their next 17 games to end up 9.5 games out on September 11. Abysmal.

The Steelers are 3-0, though they have played some pretty weak teams so far. I’m pleased to say that they seem to have one of the softest schedules in the league really. Their division doesn’t seem to be any great shakes, even the Ravens look like they aren’t nearly up to last season’s efforts and the Steelers get to play the NFC West this year, with such perrenial power-houses as Arizona, St. Louis, SF and Seattle. After the beat-down the put on SF this past Sunday, the teams remaining are a combined 3-6. The NY, Miami and Denver games should be winnable, they get Jacksonville at home and while they do have to face the Pats on the road, 10 or 11 wins should be attainable. Barring injury to key players, this season should see the Steelers return to the playoffs. How they might fare once there will be better predicted after the season progresses.

I’ve been updating my book list even when I wasn’t posting, so you can take a gander down the page to the left if you’re curious.

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