Who knew it was so bad?

I never realised that this word had such negative connotations. I always thought it indicated a large amount, but not necessarily to excess. I'll have to be more careful about using it in the future.adulationServile flattery or homage; exaggerated and hypocritical praise to which the bestower consciously stoops.

Old Rookies

I was noodling around with the Play Index and did a search for batters who hit 20 or more HRs in their first season in the bigs, but restricted it to players who debuted at age 30 or older. I figured there couldn't be too many since anyone capable of hitting 20 HRs at the … Continue reading Old Rookies


I found an interesting baseball game where Nolan Ryan pitched 8 innings without giving up an earned run, struck out 11 and still lost the game 1-0. Interesting as that is by itself, the run was scored in the fourth inning when, after walking the first batter, Ryan managed to pick him off but an … Continue reading Baseball

Caught up!

Okay, so I don't have a post for today up yet, but that's okay. It will be here later this evening. But now I have posts for all the days I missed and I'm gonna put them in just a minute. I will endeavor not to fall so far behind again. Apologies and all that.


New poll up. Question is, as of this writing, "Oops... Polls are currently not available, please come back later." Nrrrr.... Stupid Blogger!

Another obsolete word

But worth bringing back. Not that anyone would be familiar with it when you used in conversation. The OED's only reference to it is c. 1450. Don't let that stop you though.adoyle, adv.Obs. rareAskew, awry.