More baseball.

What can I say? I’m trying to take my mind off my frustration with the M’s inability to gain any ground in their division while still enjoying the end of the baseball season.

So that means more fun with the Play Index! Yay! Just what everyone wanted! (Okay, probably just me, but you’ve got your own blogs for your own stuff.)

So I was wondering today about a different sort of oddity. (As is often the case, the searchable data runs for the period from 1957 to yesterday.) For example, what is the most home runs hit in a game where a team only hit home runs? Turns out it’s 6. Three were by Joe Carter, all solo shots. And that got me thinking, what about other games of the same type but for different kinds of hits? What’s the most singles a team has hit in a game where they hit nothing but singles? Doubles? Triples?

2B: 5, and it’s happened 5 times, most recently being a Seattle loss in 2005

3B: 2, it’s happened 4 times and no team won hitting only triples, most recent game is from 1973

And just for fun, let’s try only walks! BB: 11, in a loss by Oakland

Which segues neatly into another interesting idea, how many times has a team thrown a no-hitter and still lost? 4 times, the losers in these games being the Red Sox, the Yankees, the Orioles and the Astros. I think I remember hearing that there were a few more games like this prior to 1957, but I’m not going to search all over the internet to find them.

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