Buck, buck number two!

This word seemed like just another in a long list of related words that wouldn’t be interesting enough to make it onto the blog until I got to the final sense. Fascinating. I would never have guessed.


He who or that which advances.

1. One who moves (a person or thing) forward or upward; a. physically (obs.); b. to higher rank or station (obs.); c. to a better or more advantageous condition; a promoter.

2. One who extols or lauds; an extoller, supporter. Obs.

3. Rhet. Amplification, auxesis, or climax. Obs.

4. One who puts forth (a statement); an asserter.

5. One who gives (money) before it is legally due, or who lends it for any purpose.

6. A second branch of a buck’s horn.

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