They scored how many?

I was playing with’s Play Index and decided to find out what the worst loss was in a game where a team only surrendered unearned runs. I figured it wouldn’t be too high, 6 or 7 runs. Nope. The worst loss a team has suffered while having its pitchers improve it’s ERA is 16-4. The Mets clobbered the Astros on July 27, 1985. Yes, that’s right. 16 unearned runs. Not only that, it’s only one of four games with more than 7 unearned runs. The Yankees once beat the Twins 10-6 on only unearned runs, Seattle beat Oakland 9-6 and the Indians beat the White Sox 8-4. Crazy. Interestingly, Houston has also given up the greatest number of unearned runs while giving up no earned runs and still managing to win. They won 9-8 over San Francisco in 1981.

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