Century mark.

I have made my century (ooh, cricket lingo!) in books for the year now. Book 100 is Neuromancer by William Gibson. It was pretty forgettable, but it was a short and quick read. Borrowed it from a friend who had pretty much the same opinion, I think. And this is the perfect occasion to compare the first 100 books this year to the same thing last year.

Last year, 53 of the first hundred books I read were books I had not read before. This year, the number is 51. That’s pretty close, but interestingly I have read the exact same proportion of fiction and non-fiction in the first hundred books: 83 fiction to 17 non-fiction.

I’m reading just shy of 16 books a month on my current pace whereas last year through the end of July I was reading 13 books a month. This means I’m currently on pace to read 180 books this year which would only be two more than last year. Something odd there? Yeah, it means I picked up the pace dramatically last year starting in August. The last five months of 2006 I read better than 17 books a month. If not this year, than one of these years I’m going to read 200 books in a year.

(And by the time I’ve gotten around to posting this, I’ve finished book 101.)

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