I’ve got your back.

This puts me in mind of boats, simply because the sound and form remind me of “coracle”, I think. Thank you, CS Lewis. Even though the most recent example is over 100 years old (1872) the word is not listed as archaic, obsolete or rare. From what I’ve been able to divine just from reading entries instead of looking for the precise definitions, as long as a word has been in use as late as the 19th century, it is considered a modern, current word. There may be other caveats about number of citations or something, but that’s how it seems.


1. Anything that aids or supports; an auxiliary.

2. Law. Supporting or corroboratory evidence; that which, without forming complete proof in itself, contributes to prove a point. In Sc. Law, Any document or writing tending to prove the existence and tenor of a lost deed, which if it existed would have been full evidence.

3. Archæol. In pl. Ornaments which surround the figure on a medal or coin.

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