Why this word?

Because after reading through about 30 variations on the word "adopt", I was ready to choose anything remotely interesting or out of the ordinary. Deal with it. ador The grain used in sacrifices, spelt.

Take yer base!

Not that it will do you any good. Mel Stottlemyre walked 11 through 8 and a third and still recorded, not just the win, but a 2-0 shutout! Only 11 times since 1957 has a team walked 9 batters or more and still shutout the opposing team in 9 innings.

Century mark.

I have made my century (ooh, cricket lingo!) in books for the year now. Book 100 is Neuromancer by William Gibson. It was pretty forgettable, but it was a short and quick read. Borrowed it from a friend who had pretty much the same opinion, I think. And this is the perfect occasion to compare … Continue reading Century mark.