Got your back

A word whose etymology is intelligible from the composition of the word itself.addorsed, ppl. a.Her.Turned back to back; said of two animals, or objects, on a shield.


I have seen this word and used this word in the senses near the end of the list and had no idea that it derived from the meanings near the top of the list. Disgusting. I'd have been more careful with it had I known.addle, n. and a.A. n.1. Stinking urine, or other liquid filth; … Continue reading Yuck!

A great magazine.

I'm down to one magazine subscription from two now. Actually, I decided against renewing my National Review subscription a while back as a cost-cutting measure, and it was only ever two magazines anyway. And, come to think of it, The New Criterion subscription was a gift. Okay, now that I've wandered far afield and have … Continue reading A great magazine.