You want me to crush your spirit?

Okay, here goes. There is a bill in the Senate right now, S. 1419, which is ostensibly about decreasing vehicle emissions. The effect that it will have on gas prices, however, through taxes, bio-fuel regulations and price controls is shocking. The Heritage Foundation estimates that by 2016 I, as a resident of Washington, will be paying about $6.80 a gallon for my gas. Yep, nearly $7 a gallon.

And, if that’s not depressing enough, by the time those prices hit, no one will be thinking about this bill from 2007. No sir, you won’t hear a single syllable about it on the news and everyone will blame whoever is the sitting president for the high gas prices. That means, Congress can raise your taxes, take your money and no one will ever be able to do anything about it because by the time you really feel the pinch, no one will remember why it happened.

Ah, yes. Congress: Helping you die a little more inside each day since 1789.

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