A great magazine.

I’m down to one magazine subscription from two now. Actually, I decided against renewing my National Review subscription a while back as a cost-cutting measure, and it was only ever two magazines anyway. And, come to think of it, The New Criterion subscription was a gift.

Okay, now that I’ve wandered far afield and have almost lost track in my own mind of where I was going, let me say that it is a great magazine. And not just because it is instructive, entertaining and even sometimes edifying. No, it is also a great magazine in a much more prosaic sense. When the month of June arrived and I still had not received my May issue, I called to inquire why this might have been. Was it because there was no May issue this year? Had my subscription been unexpectedly terminated? No, it was inexplicable why my copy had not arrived. But after ensuring that my address had not been altered, they simply informed me that they would send me another copy. No questions, no remonstrances, just a matter-of-fact replacement. What a great magazine.

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