Word Inflation

Which is not to be confused with "Inflationary Language". This is a perfect example of how a word can come to mean its exact opposite through use of other words when this word would have been, well, adequate. See sense 2c below.adequate, a.1. Equal in magnitude or extent; commensurate; neither more nor less. Obs.2. a. … Continue reading Word Inflation

A golden word

The noun was initially used by alchemists (as you'll read below), which I did not know. The etymology is from the sense of "attainment" rather than "skilled" which is not what I would have expected.adept, a. and n.A. adj. Completely versed (in); thoroughly proficient; well-skilled.B. n. [In med.L. adeptus was used subst. and assumed by … Continue reading A golden word

Clean-up time

Last I checked, it was the second news item down the page on my library system's main page. They're going to go through their records and delete all the old cards that haven't been used in two years. There are pros and cons, and it's probably necessary for them to clean out their database to … Continue reading Clean-up time

Too good to pass up.

A strange word, seemingly little (if ever) used and a peculiar definition. How could I refrain? It even has an odd-ball alternate spelling. There aren't even any example quotations.adecastic(ke, a.Obs.‘One that will doe iust howsoeuer.’ Cockeram 1626.

Fun x 2!

A couple of fun links from Toshi Station. The first answers that burning question that we've all been kept up at night pondering: What do the Powerpuff Girls' skeletons look like?And the other shows what kinds of fun the folks at Industrial Lights and Magic must have when they get to goof around.