Fire it up!

First time I have missed a post by a significant margin. My apologies. Two words for Friday's post and with the four from Thursday should be sufficient to make amends, I would hope.accend, v.To kindle; to set light to, set on fire. lit. and fig.-----------And thus,accendible, a.Capable of being kindled, or set on fire.

Do we really need four words for this?

Really? And the last entry winds up with the word "english" used as a verb. Wild.acaulescent, a.Bot.Apparently stemless, having a very short stem, or having the stem concealed in the ground.--------------acauline, a.Bot.= ACAULESCENT.------------acaulose, a.Bot.= ACAULESCENT.------------acaulous, a.Bot.= ACAULESCENT.¶Of the three preceding attempts to english Linnæus's acaulis, Jussieu's acaule, this is most in accordance with Eng. analogies.

Fact v. Truth

"One notes that in everyday speech the word 'fact' has taken the place of 'truth'; 'it is a fact' is now the formula for a categorical assertion. Where fact is made the criterion, knowledge has been rendered unattainable. And the public is being taught systematically to make this fatal confusion of factual particulars with wisdom. … Continue reading Fact v. Truth

You never know.

Who knew there was a companion word for "agnostic" that referred to objects?acatalepsyIncomprehensibility:—a term of the Sceptic philosophers; the correlative of agnosticism, which is said of the mental faculty, while acatalepsy is the property of the unknowable object.