An interesting connection

I did not suspect the first couple meanings at all, and, having read them, would not have suspected that the word was related to “cloy”.

accloy, v.

Obs. or arch.

The development of meaning is fully seen under CLOY.

1. To drive a nail into a horse’s foot when shoeing; hence, to lame. lit. and fig.

2. To pierce, stab. rare.

3. To stop up an aperture as with a nail, peg, or other obstruction, to stop a passage. See CLOY. Hence,

4. To block, obstruct, clog, choke. lit. and fig.

5. To fill full. a. To fill to satiety. b. To overfill, overload, burden, oppress.

6. To overburden (the stomach); to nauseate.

7. To disgust, weary, become offensive to.

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