How awesome is it?

About four kinds of awesome. The word and the definition are pretty simple, but check out the etymology. (I’ve replaced the Greek script that Blogger won’t display asterisks for each character. Sorry to any Greek scholars that were interested.)


[a. OFr. accide, acide, ONormFr. accidie, acidie; ad. med.L. accīdia, corrupt. of late L. acēdia, a. Gr. ****** heedlessness, torpor (in Cicero, Att. xii. 45) n. of state f. * not + ***-** care, ***-**** I care, lit. non-caring-state. Acedia became a favourite ecclesiastical word, applied primarily to the mental prostration of recluses, induced by fasting, and other physical causes; afterwards the proper term for the 4th cardinal sin, sloth, sluggishness. (See Chaucer, Parson’s Tale 603.) Its Greek origin being forgotten, the word was variously ‘derived’ from acidum sour (see Cæsarius quoted in Du Cange, and Roquefort ‘Acide: Ennui, tristesse, dégoût: d’acidum’); and from accidĕre to come upon one as an accident or access, whence the med.L. corruption, accidia, and OFr. and Eng. accide, accidie. The latter is Norman, the former Parisian; the later Eng. accentuation was accidie. With the restoration of Gr. learning, the L. became again acedia, whence a rare ACEDY in 17th c.]

Sloth, torpor.

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