Gloriously depressing.

Don't think those words belong together? See if you still think that way after reading this article by Theodore Dalrymple. It's all about the utter incompetence of the government that thinks it is omnicompetent.

I really like the fact that you read each post thoroughly.

An absolutely fascinating article on the way praise for children can actually be harmful to their self-esteem, and their willingness and ability to try new things and persevere. It seems that good, old-fashioned emphasis on effort and not giving up is much more valuable for kids. (And probably for adults, too.)And the results aren't minuscule. … Continue reading I really like the fact that you read each post thoroughly.

Atheist Irritation

This is an example (via AL Daily)of the irritating kind of atheist. He at once combines snobbishness, condescension and hostility and dispenses it with a dismissive and patronising tone. His arguments against faith are childish and weak and his apparent inability to argue from his opponent's viewpoint will cripple him anytime he tries to convince. … Continue reading Atheist Irritation

For the birds.

I didn't know this sort of thing happened. Perhaps why one sometimes sees certain birds in places one never expects to see them.abmigration(See quots.) Hence abmigrate v. intr.1923 A. L. THOMSON in Brit. Birds XVI. 276 Some such term as ‘abmigration’ might perhaps be used to describe the northward departure in spring, for a new … Continue reading For the birds.