Jordan, bleh.

I’ve never been a big fan of Michael Jordan. I know he was a talented player and all that, but I didn’t really like the Bulls, they stopped the Sonics the last time the Sonics made it to the NBA Finals and I get the impression that he’s a lot more ruthless than his carefully crafted public image lets on. Maybe that’s just in my head. I’m not fond of his profligate gambling either.

But now there’s a reason to dislike Jordan that has come back from the dead. During his career, it was apparent that there was a different, laxer set of rules that applied to him. Things that were not called fouls when they involved other players were fouls when Jordan was the one getting the contact. Jordan had nearly carte blanche to do what he needed to make the highlight-reel move regardless of whether it involved pushing off, traveling or what-have-you. And now, he’s getting more rules bent in his favour again.

It turns out that the NBA’s rules on contact with high-school players don’t apply to Jordan, despite his being the General Manager of the Charlotte Bobcats. Danny Ainge got fined $30K for things that Jordan does all the time. True, Jordan is part of the Bobcats, and their awfulness probably offsets some of the advantages he has, but that isn’t really the point. Why should there be one set of rules for Jordan and one for everyone else? There shouldn’t. There never should have been.

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