Jane the Reckless?

Finished reading Jill the Reckless a couple nights ago and found it pleasant if unusual for a Wodehouse book. It’s rather longer than most of his books and the style and content didn’t seem as if he intended it to be as humorous as most of his writing. I was reminded of Jane Austen more than anything else. This was tempered as I finished it, since the finale is wrapped with several Wodehousian twists and a characteristic neatness. Still, the book was closer to a straight novel with a romantic (not in the Harlequin sense) plot than the light comedy one thinks of in association with his most famous characters. There were several references to the characters of Damsel in Distress as well a reference to the Blandings novels. It’s always pleasing to find such things, I think, because it adds depth and reality to the world to have references made to characters in passing that have actually been fleshed out.

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