Books in 2006

January1. A Gentleman of Leisure by PG Wodehouse2. Quick Service by PG Wodehouse3. Ring for Jeeves by PG Wodehouse4. The High King by Lloyd AlexanderFebruary5. Doctor Sally by PG Wodehouse6. If Death Ever Slept by Rex Stout7. The Pursuit of Victory by Roger Knight8. The Mother Hunt by Rex StoutMarch9. The Long Goodbye by Raymond … Continue reading Books in 2006

Book Stuff

A couple notes about that list of books read in 2006 that preceded this post:106 of the 178 were books I had never read before146 of the 178 were fictionAll of the non-fiction books were books I had never read beforeAlmost exactly half of the fiction books were re-reads (72 of 146)I'll be interested to … Continue reading Book Stuff