Making a Case

I’ve read a couple books by Lee Strobel recently. (You can see them at the bottom of my “Books Read in 2006” list over there on the left.) One was The Case for Faith and the other was The Case for Christ. I believe the latter was actually written first, but I didn’t read it first. I’m borrowing them both from the youth minister at my church. (After taking a second to find that link, I googled his name and discovered he has a blog too. Who knew?) He loaned them to me since I agreed to teach the teens’ class on Sunday mornings this quarter and he wanted me to teach on the topic of evidences. Apologetics. Or something. I forget what words he used exactly.

Anyway. The books themselves are a mixed bag. Informationally, they’re great. Lots of solid info, organised well and lots of suggestions on how to pursue one’s inquiries further should one be so inclined. On the other hand, I can’t stand this guy’s writing style. Maybe it’s because I blew through both books in about a week, but he describes too much. He’ll describe a certain answer twice. It was crisp and matter-of-fact. He inserts descriptions of every little gesture. “I shifted in my chair” or “I turned to face him directly” or “I scratched my nose with my index finger and coughed lightly against the end of my closed fist”. Okay, that last was hyperbole. But not by much. Overall, however, they are worth the time since they read easily and quickly.

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