As my wife has noted, I’m taking a few days off of work to help with various and sundry things around the house. Christmas will be here in about 3 weeks and sometime over the next month or so our second child will arrive as well. So there’s plenty to be done. We bought our Christmas tree yesterday morning and decorated it yesterday afternoon. Our daughter was old enough this year to actually assist us in doing so. Though she had trouble actually hanging the ornaments on the tree, she could indicate where she thought they ought to go, so there was a bit of clumping in places.

I also got in a bit of shopping for my wife, though I still have a bit left. I, as usual, will finish shopping after she does this year despite, in all likelihood being done weeks ahead of the actual holiday. I don’t know that I have ever been this prepared for Christmas this soon. I shouldn’t speak too quickly, however, since we’re not done yet and events could intervene.

I’m looking forward to some of the Christmas, well, I guess it’s baking. Traditionally, in my family, Christmas is a time to make baklava and buckeyes and I hope to be able to continue that this year despite having a 21-month old daughter and another child born any day now. The problem is that, obviously, my wife is less able and inclined than if she did not have such things with which to deal, and I am not nearly as talented in the culinary arts as she is. Ooh, and some of those spicy chocolate truffles! Yeah, we should make some of those.

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