Japanese TV and Film

I finished watching Samurai Banners the other day. It was rather disappointing. The movie was good up until the end at which point it left me feeling rather unsatisfied. It didn’t feel like it should have been over at that point, like there should have been more to it despite the fact that Toshiro Mifune’s character bought the farm. The romantic subplot was hardly worthy of the name, but the tale had so much potential and the first half was quite interesting.

I also crunched through discs five and six of the second GitS season. For some reason, I was thinking that six was the final one, but of course there are seven just like the first season. So I was watching the sixth disc marveling at how rapidly everything was going to have to be wound up and then the DVD ended but the story had stopped right in the middle of what had to be a two-part episode and it dawned on me that there was another disc. Since it was only released a little over a month ago, it’s not even in my local library’s collection yet and now I have to watch the catalog like a hawk so I can get my request in right away when it does show up.

Another movie note that has nothing to do with Japan, I saw Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind for the second time not too long ago, and it was still a great movie. Kinda like watching Run Lola Run for the second time, you pick up on things that you didn’t notice the first time around while still getting caught up in the flow of the action.

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