Stupid library!

I am quite annoyed with my library again. I had decided that it was petty of me to continue returning books to be checked in under my eyes merely to annoy the library staff. Little did I realise how necessary such a course of action was.

I checked out 5 DVDs on October 28. I returned 4 of them yesterday at about 3pm (I had already renewed the fifth from home over the internet); it was the day they were due. Imagine my surprise when I went to the library today to pick up an item I had on hold and found that my DVDs (and books, which were not due back so urgently) had not been checked back in and I was being charged a fine on each of them. I immediately spoke to a librarian about it and was told, in essence, “Tough. We’ll check them in when we get around to it.” What about my fines I wondered? I would still be on the hook for them. But, I protested, I had returned them on time and dropped them off 2 hours before the library closed. Sorry, they said, we’ve got about a dozen bins of material to be checked in and we’ll get to it when we get to it. Next time, they advised me, you shouldn’t use the book drop if it’s due that day; you should bring your items inside to be checked in by hand. Oh, I will.

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