Vacation and Some Books

Spent the last two weeks on the East Coast visiting family. The first week was with my in-laws in Philadelphia and the second week was with my immediate family in Northern Virginia. Good times were had. I’ll see about maybe posting a few pictures in a few days.

As a result of the vacation, my reading has been close to non-existent this month. While at my in-laws I read Emma, which was pretty good. It was one of the rare instances where the main character behaves abominably and yet I enjoyed the reading and liked said character.

Later, when I was staying with my brother in VA, I picked Fool’s Errand off his shelf and read it. It wasn’t too bad. I’m thinking that I’ll read the rest of the books in the series and maybe look for some other books by the same author. Turns out that book is the first in a trilogy, but this trilogy was written to follow up an earlier one. So I’m thinking I’ll begin at the beginning. I’ve put the books on hold at the library, but the first one hasn’t arrived yet.

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