Interestingly, the main thing that I got out of this article in the Washington Post (which I found via The Corner) was not anything having to do with cursive handwriting or the death of penmanship, but rather a desire to learn shorthand. How cool would that be? It would be like knowing a foreign language … Continue reading Handwriting

October Doldrums

Ugh. Been a slow month. Haven't read much, haven't blogged much.Did watch a couple Jackie Chan films this past week, Gorgeous and New Police Story, the latter having nothing to do with his earlier Police Story films. Gorgeous had a bit of Jackie's slapstick humour and a couple good fights, but was mostly forgettable and … Continue reading October Doldrums

En Fuego.

Thank you, Dan Patrick.I think that applies since I've managed to read 51 books in the last two months. More than 1/3 of my year-to-date total, in fact. It's wonderful until I realise how much more I could have done in all those other months. O! for lost Januaries and Februaries!