Recent Books

The Wisdom of Father Brown and The Incredulity of Father Brown were perhaps a bit less good than the first book. The mysteries themselves were about on a par, but the emphasis in more of the stories shifted from finding the solution or the culprit than providing Chesterton a soapbox (through Father Brown) to expound … Continue reading Recent Books

Blog Updates

So, more update-the-blog news, if anyone cares. I've gone back and tagged each post from this year, which wasn't too difficult since there have been far fewer posts this year than in previous years. The most common tags are, unsurprisingly to me, are "Books", "Links" and "Book Reviews", closely followed by "Navel-Gazing". I am surprised … Continue reading Blog Updates


Well, I switched over to the new Blogger beta today and it's been a mixed bag. I like having "labels" (tags to the rest of the world) for my posts since it will be easier to go back and find things that I wrote about previously. Well, at least it will be from this point … Continue reading Changes