3 & 4 of GitS 2nd Season

I watched discs 3 and 4 of the Ghost in the Shell second season in the last couple days and I’m still less impressed with this season than I was in the first. There’s more preachy philosophising this time around, it seems. There have been fewer episodes that could stand on their own as being straight police/spy stories and the main plot thread isn’t being handled as well as I thought it could be. On the other hand, in the last couple discs there were episodes dedicated to giving background to characters who were not as well-rounded in the first season. With some background information and extra screen time for Saito and Paz, their characters became less two-dimensional, though the Paz is still kind of a “mystery man”. This leaves only Ishikawa and Borma without episodes in which they feature almost exclusively. These episodes were about what I expected from discs 1 and 2.

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