Recent Books

The Wisdom of Father Brown and The Incredulity of Father Brown were perhaps a bit less good than the first book. The mysteries themselves were about on a par, but the emphasis in more of the stories shifted from finding the solution or the culprit than providing Chesterton a soapbox (through Father Brown) to expound upon some philosophical/theological theory. I did particularly like the story The Resurrection of Father Brown, however. It’s probably my favourite to this point and it would take quite a good story to dethrone it.

The Case of the Foot-Loose Doll was an okay Perry Mason story. The murder itself should have been a lot more obvious to me and most of the clues were out in the open, fair and square. The premise and set-up was rather too far-fetched and detracted a bit, but still a solid entry. The Mysterious Mr Quin mixes Christie’s penchant for both murder mysteries and ghost stories and most of them are interesting, though as with most Christie also rather subpar. One of the stories (I believe the last one) didn’t make a whole lot of sense to me, but the book was worth reading.

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