On International Law

From Robert Bork’s book, Coercing Virtue.

International law is not law but politics. For that reason, it is dangerous to give the name “law”, which summons up respect, to political struggles that are essentially lawless. The problem is not merely the anti-Americanism that grips foreign elites and shapes law; it is also the American intellectual class, which is largely hostile to the United States and uses alleged international law to attack the morality of its own governement and society. International law becomes one more weapon in the domestic culture war. It must be admitted, moreover, that there are serious issues of inconsistency of application of this concept: The United States has used its power to force the trials of some men who have done no worse than others with whom we do not interfere. That may or may not be justifiable, but it hardly bespeaks devotion to law.

-p. 21

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