World Cup

Any of you watch it? No? Why not? Oh, yeah. We're Americans. I like to make fun of soccer (my wife thinks I do it rather too often) and soccer players, though one has to be much more careful with that nowadays because one is always running into people whose kids play soccer or played … Continue reading World Cup

Baseball Trivia

Fun little quiz from ESPN. I did about as well as I thought I would before I started and better than I thought I had once I finished. (Sort that out.) 30 out of 50 using no references other than the facts in my own head.

Book List

Back from vacation at the end of last week, and I did get to do some thinking about a required reading list (or "lists"), but I haven't hammered out anything final. I didn't get to spend as much time considering it as I hoped, and it's also been a slower process than I anticipated. But, … Continue reading Book List

As Promised

A brief note on War and Our World by John Keegan. The book itself is merely a collection of lectures delivered by Keegan on the topic on which he is expert, war. He does have interesting things to say about war and military history and the future of warfare, but I think he is altogether … Continue reading As Promised