Chess Movie

Watched a foreign film not too long ago called Dangerous Moves. It was a French film, so some of it was a bit too artistic and the ending was odd and unsatisfying, but the bulk of the movie was interesting to me. It deals with two chess grandmasters playing for a world title. One is an old man, and a Soviet citizen (the film was made and set in the early 80’s) and the other is a young man who fled the USSR and leads a dissident’s life in Europe. The movie is an interesting study of the passions and desires of the players and the various people around them, the political games that are played with the match and the mind games each of the players attempts to use on the other. It was an enjoyable film during the body of the film, but the ending really was weak and disappointing. It was vague and ambiguous when it didn’t really need to be. Still, all in all, an enjoyable movie and one that portrayed the chess fairly accurately, though I did neglect to note whether or not the proper square was in the right hand corner of the board in each scene.

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