I sampled two new (new to me) mystery writers recently. I had heard of both, but neither's books are terribly well-known nowadays. Everyone has heard of Agatha Christie and Raymond Chandler, and to a lesser extent people know Dorothy Sayers and Erle Stanley Gardner, but who today is really familiar with Ellery Queen and SS … Continue reading Mysteries

Two Books

I read two new books recently, both about sports, though one was interesting the other was bland. The disappointing book was called, simply, The Football Book. I hoped it would be better than it was, but I feared from the first that it would be as it indeed was because I noted that it was … Continue reading Two Books

Chess Movie

Watched a foreign film not too long ago called Dangerous Moves. It was a French film, so some of it was a bit too artistic and the ending was odd and unsatisfying, but the bulk of the movie was interesting to me. It deals with two chess grandmasters playing for a world title. One is … Continue reading Chess Movie