Sky Flying! Field Running! Water Splashing!


Okay, so it wasn’t quite so bad as that. But it wasn’t a very good movie.

I watched House of Flying Daggers recently and it was rather forgettable. Andy Lau was good in his role, but he didn’t have as much screen time as I thought he should. The love story was unconvincing, the ending unsatisfying and too many loose threads were left untied at the end of the film. I’m not really an expert on serious Chinese cinema (or any Chinese cinema for that matter), but this was the worst of the three movies I’ve seen like this. The other two are Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, which was a good movie by any standard, and Hero, which was a decent movie, if overly preachy about the need for Taiwan to submit to the ChiComs. (If you saw that movie and are wondering what I’m talking about, read this; you’ll need to scroll to the last point.)

Crouching Tiger was a good love story, well-acted, with interesting fights, good characters and everything was managed well to make an all-around great film. Hero was decent, had some interesting characters and a fair-to-middling plot, but it went on too long, the direction became overly arty (the colours! the colours!) and the resolution was unsatisfying besides the “Sino-fascist subtext” Derbyshire refers too in the link above. Flying Daggers was insipid characters, a weak plot, forgettable action, a stupid love story and too many loose ends. Skip it.

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