Day 2: The Adventure Continues

Made it successfully through the latter half of yesterday despite my lovely wife being absent. (She is off cavorting with friends in another part of the state this weekend.) Have had no caffeine and yet pushed through to 10 pm last night after working all Thursday night and getting about 3 1/2 or 4 hours of nap yesterday morning. Was up at 4:30 this morning and am feeling rather well, actually.

Jokes about fathers being incompetent to care for small children aside, the house isn’t too much of a wreck, moderately nutritious foods were consumed by all and everyone was fairly happy until it came time for my daughter to go to bed. Even that went rather smoothly until it came to the actual act of setting her down in her crib and leaving the room. After a period of mourning, she did settle down for the night well before I toddled off to bed. We, or at least I, slept through the night and I anticipate few problems once we get into the swing of things today. Taking care of my daughter is not really so bad. What mystifies me is how my wife manages that and does other things like, ensuring there is food available for general consumption, laundering clothes, preventing the house from deteriorating into a federal disaster area over the course of a week and other seemingly impossible tasks. My hat, if I were wearing one right now, would be off to you, my dear.

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