Finished reading Memoirs of a Geisha yesterday and I’m sorry I ever started it. I like Japanese things, I like reading about Japan and, not knowing much about geishas, thought a book (even a novel) about the life of a geisha would be interesting and informative. And it might well be, but I still don’t know because this book isn’t really the “memoirs” of a geisha. Instead it’s an insipid love story that really only deals with a very few years in her life. It is interesting to read about how things were done and about some of the day to day activities in which a geisha participated. But the main character is dumber than a box of hammers. She can barely figure out how to tie her own shoes and has not even a rudimentary understanding of human nature that persists for years before she finally wises up and can deal with the world around her without making a total hash of everything. This is definitely a book to skip.

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