Book Sale

The local library held it’s annual (or perhaps semi-annual) book sale today. Spent a fair bit of time and about $13.50 for 25 books. Pretty good deal, I’d say. Most of them were mysteries, Christie, Stout, Marsh and Sayers, but I also picked up a couple Asimov Foundation novels that matched the one I already had and filled out that trilogy. (I don’t consider the tacked on later Foundation novels to be truly part of the canon, for reasons that are obvious to all right-thinking people who have read them.) From the non-fiction side of things, I got a volume of Margaret Thatcher’s memoirs dealing with her time as Prime Minister and a copy of Macchiavelli’s The Prince.

Of the books, there are probably about half a dozen mysteries that I hadn’t read before and I haven’t read either of the non-fiction books. Now that I consider it, however, I don’t really know that The Prince is non-fiction. All I know is that it details some political theories, but I don’t know if it’s presented in the form of a novel or what.

While I was at the library I picked up a book I had on hold, Frazz: Live at Bryson Elementary. Frazz is one of the comics which I read on a regular basis (I need to update the list here; I don’t read all of those comics any longer) and I laughed out loud a Frazz more often than I do at any other current comic, excepting only Get Fuzzy. The only drawback to Frazz is that it is too preachy and self-righteous for my taste rather too often.

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