Finished reading Memoirs of a Geisha yesterday and I'm sorry I ever started it. I like Japanese things, I like reading about Japan and, not knowing much about geishas, thought a book (even a novel) about the life of a geisha would be interesting and informative. And it might well be, but I still don't … Continue reading Book

Book Sale

The local library held it's annual (or perhaps semi-annual) book sale today. Spent a fair bit of time and about $13.50 for 25 books. Pretty good deal, I'd say. Most of them were mysteries, Christie, Stout, Marsh and Sayers, but I also picked up a couple Asimov Foundation novels that matched the one I already … Continue reading Book Sale

More WOW

It still crashes my computer sometimes, but other times it works just fine. So I don't know what the deal is. I can play it a bit, but I can't group with anyone because I don't know if my computer is going to give out at a crucial moment and cause everyone to die. Not … Continue reading More WOW

Betting on WOW

What WOW needs is a betting system. Probably the easiest to implement would be one that would allow players to wager on the outcome of their duels. Right now when one duels, the winner gets nothing more than the ephemeral satisfaction of having won. And presumably adding a wager system would still allow people to … Continue reading Betting on WOW


I've been re-reading quite a bit of Raymond Chandler's work lately, though I did read a book collection of his short stories recently, all of which were new to me. I'm enjoying it and finding that there are few, if any, of his novels that I have not yet read, though when I was looking … Continue reading Books


I'm not moving, but I and a few others are helping a friend (a college roommate of mine) move this weekend. Always fun times manhandling a king size mattress up a narrow flight of stairs that bends 90 degrees in two places. Did most of the large and heavy furniture today and the word is … Continue reading Moving


I've been watching episodes of The Prisoner with my wife lately. We haven't been watching them every night, but when we get a chance we sneak in an episode or two. I'm still really enjoying them, despite this being the third time I've watched them through. (I think it's three...) Sometimes movies and television don't … Continue reading Prisoner