Conservative Mind

Yeah, I know, not much original content for a while. I’ll have my thoughts on the Heinlein books I’ve been reading up on the site a little later this week. Been a bit busy lately, my daughter had her first birthday, my wife’s birthday is coming up later this week and my mother-in-law is in town visiting.

Quoting J.F. Stephen)

“I believe that many men are bad, a vast majority of men indifferent, and many good, and that the great mass of indifferent people sway this way or that according to the circumstances, one of the most important of which circumstances is the predominance for the time being of bad or good.”


Men who cannot hope for salvation or dread damnation will make a Roman candle of their world.

The grand scheme of God is inscrutable; the object of life is virtue, not pleasure; and obedience, not liberty, is the means of its attainment.

Thus the class that paid the expenses of local government was lost in the mass of those who might benefit from expenditures. Taxation without representation has more forms than one.

(Quoting W.H. Mallock)

“Labor in itself is no more the cause of wealth than Shakespeare’s pen was the cause of his writing ‘Hamlet.’ The cause is in the motives, of which labor is the outward index.” The principle motive is inequality; and the principal producer of wealth is not Labor, but Ability.


Out of the application of pure democracy in Russia will come a host of squalid new oligarchs, dominated by a tyrant who, secretly repudiating the ideas upon which he rose, still will continue to exhort the masses to “revolution” and “democracy” while he proceeds to stamp out resistance to a new absolutism, necessary because revolution has made the life of everyone intolerable.

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