Liar! Liar!

There was a much bally-hooed report in the Journal Nature not too long ago that purported to find that Wikipedia was really not that much less accurate than the Encyclopædia Britannica. Well, the folks at Britannica have fired back and said, in essence, that not only are they superior to Wikipedia but Nature's study was … Continue reading Liar! Liar!


I'm not feeling much like posting, but I have been meaning to mention that I finished Enter the Saint and it wasn't too bad. Agatha Christie on an off day. The prose wasn't as overwrought as in Knight Templar, and the stories didn't rely on criminal-mastermind-geniuses quite so much. Anyway.


What follows immediately is something I wrote a day or so ago and didn't get around to posting right away. I've read another Heinlein book since then that I'll discuss separately.I've read two Heinlein books in the past week and part of a third. The two I read were Starman Jones and Podkayne of Mars. … Continue reading Books