The Conservative Mind (Accelerated)

Since I’m not blogging as often as I was (almost level 41!), I’m going to start putting several excerpts from The Conservative Mind in each of these posts about the book. Not that you care.

(Quoting J.H. Halowell)

“Only when liberalism coupled the contract theory with the belief in objective truth and value, transcending all individuals and binding upon each without promise, could it reconcile freedom from arbitrary authority with the idea of an ordered commonwealth.”

Kirk himself:

What men are seeking, or ought to seek, is not the right to govern themselves, but the right to be governed well.

Taxation without representation certainly is tyranny, yet precisely this is introduced by democrats who give power to the unpropertied classes: men of property, the rampart of a state, are abandoned to be plundered by the ochlocracy.

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