Maps and the Olympics

I found a link to the first of these sites in the Corner a week or so ago but have taken my sweet time getting around to posting about them on my blog. First up is a site that really probably won’t have much interest for anyone now that the Winter Olympics are over, but I think it’s still worth mentioning. It’s called DFL, in which the “D” stands for “Dead” and the “L” stands for “Last” and the “F” stands for a verb being used as an adjective. Essentially it is one man’s attempt to chronicle and bring notice to the people who come in last in the various events at the Olympics. As a matter of organisation, he doesn’t count people who are DNF, DNS or DQ. One must start and finish the event to be considered for DFL honours. His reasoning? These people may be the worst of the Olympians, but they’re still way better at their various events than any of the rest of us.

The next two sites are related to each other by topic and to that first link because I found them through the DFL site. The Map Room is a blog about maps (duh!) run by the same guy who runs the DFL blog. And, as I was reading The Map Room today, I found a link to The Map Realm (don’t confuse the two, mind). The Map Realm is a collection of maps of places that are entirely made up. Not like Tolkien’s maps; these maps serve no purpose other than to provide the cartographer with the joy of drawing maps. I used to that as a child myself; I’d draw maps of imaginary places simply to draw maps. I haven’t done that in years, but it’s got me thinking about trying it again. I don’t think they’ll be anywhere near as polished even if I do knuckle down and complete one, but it has piqued my interest.

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